Tips for Growing Your Professional Network

Growing a professional network is ideal when you are working in an existing business or if you have decided to go off on your own as an independent entrepreneur. Having a number of contacts to reach out to is useful to discover resources while allowing you to put your mind to any business idea or plan you have in mind. Reach Out to Other Entrepreneurs As an entrepreneur, it is essential to reach out to others who are in the same field and industry as you. Reaching out with like-minded individuals is a way to share ideas and to gain … Continue reading Tips for Growing Your Professional Network

How to Prepare for a Major Snow Storm

Before a snow storm arrives, people should take several important steps to prepare and stay safe. First and foremost, it’s a good idea to listen to official weather advisories and travel alerts that are issued by local governments and national organizations. For instance, all private vehicles might be banned from using roads that must be first plowed by highway departments. A battery-powered radio provides a reliable connection to local media channels. People shouldn’t rely on their computers, televisions, or mobile phones during a snow storm. Two-way radios also offer excellent communication for distances of up to 30 miles. Additionally, these … Continue reading How to Prepare for a Major Snow Storm