3 Ways to Practice Bath Safety

Because January is Bath Safety Month, staying safe each time you choose to take a bath is imperative. Knowing how to stay safe when drawing a bath for yourself or even for your own child is a way to keep your mind at ease while allowing you to relax and unwind in any type of tub you have in your home.

Use Grips in Your Bathtub
Add anti-slip grips into each of the bathtubs in your home, even if you primarily take showers. Anti-slip grips in the bathtub ensure you are able to get in and out of your bathtub, even when it is filled with water, without slipping on the surface of the tub, which can result in injuries.

Avoid Using Electronics Near Your Bathtub
Always avoid using electronics near your shower or bathtub. Any time you are planning to take a bath, it is also advisable to unplug additional electronics you have around your bathroom, such as hair straighteners, razors, and blow dryers.

Check Water Temperature Frequently
Any time you are drawing a bath, it is important to continuously check the water temperature as it is filling. Checking the water temperature with your hands and toes is a way for you to avoid getting burned or drawing a bath that is too cold. Keeping from baths that are too hot for children is possible by checking the water with your hands and wrists before allowing them to enter.

The more you know about bath safety and keeping from potential accidents and injuries, the more you are able to take advantage of the bathtubs in your home without worrying or over-thinking. Keeping bath safety tips in mind each time you are running a bath is a way to ensure you keep yourself from any potential danger or harm.