Winter Tires: Benefits Of Switching

Winter tires, which are also referred to as snow tires, are designed to help you safely drive in ice, snow, slush, and other cold weather conditions. All-season tires have a tendency to lose traction and pliability when the temperature outside is freezing. That is why you should consider switching to winter tires. Below are some of the ways you can benefit if you switch to winter tires: Easier To Control Your Vehicle Winter tires are designed to cut through slush, water, and snow. It will be a lot easier for you to control your vehicle if it has winter tires. … Continue reading Winter Tires: Benefits Of Switching

Practice Awareness With Older Drivers

The week of December 1 is Older Driver Safety Awareness week. Driving becomes more dangerous as a person gets older. Fortunately, there are ways older people can keep themselves safe while on the road. Below is a list of safety tips for older drivers: Stay Active Driving activities, such as looking over your shoulder and turning your steering wheel, will be a lot easier if you are physically active. That is why you may want to include regular physical activity in your routine. Walking is one of the best exercises for older people. You may also want to perform strength … Continue reading Practice Awareness With Older Drivers