Motorcycle Safety Awareness this month

As a truck driver, there is nothing that can make your heart skip a beat faster than when a motorcycle appears seemingly out of nowhere next to you on the highway.  Sharing the road with motorcycles is something that we all need to do.  And sharing the road safely should be everyone’s top priority to avoid any type of accident.

One of the biggest problems when it comes to driving big rigs is the amount of blind spots that may surround your truck.  And because motorcycles are much smaller than the truck you are driving, they are even harder to see than regular cars and trucks.  Whenever you are planning to make any type of change in your driving pattern, be sure to check the area twice.  When you are about to change lanes, look behind you in both directions and then look again to be sure.  Do not rely solely on your mirrors.

When pulling out of an intersection, you also need to apply the ‘look twice’ tactic to keep everyone safe.  Look right, left, then right again to make sure you did not miss a motorcycle the first time.  When you do pull out onto the road, always keep a safe distance from any motorcycles that may be in the surrounding area.  Remember that your braking capabilities will be much different than that of a motorcycle’s, so if the road is slippery you may not be able to stop as quickly as you may like.

We want everyone to be safe out there.  If you have any questions about motorcycle safety or would like to learn more about Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, please call us.  We would love to give you information to share with your employees while they are on the roads.  And of course, we will be here to help with any of your business insurance questions as well.