Some insurance options for your trucking business

We all know that in order to own and operate a commercial trucking company you will need insurance. Unfortunately, there are things that can go wrong even with the safest truck drivers and the best equipment out there. But exactly what kind of insurance is required and what is optimal for truckers these days? Here is a breakdown of some of the insurance options available for your trucking business:

• General Liability- this protects the business for any third party damage or bodily injury that doesn’t have to do with the truck itself. If someone were to slip and fall while walking into your office, this is the insurance that will cover them
• Cargo Insurance- this is the insurance that will protect your business from damage or loss to the freight your trucks are carrying. There are many different levels of this type of coverage with many exclusions that apply. Finding the right coverage for the cargo you will be carrying is important.
• Warehouse Legal- this protects freight that is stored in a warehouse before or after it is carried in your trucks.
• Non-Owned Trailer Liability- if you are hauling a trailer that is owned by someone else, this coverage protects the trailer.
• Physical Damage- this is for the trucks and trailers themselves. Any physical damage done to the trucks or trailers will be covered with this addition to your policy.

Of course, there are other coverages available to insure your trucking business. We would love to discuss them all with you. Just give us a call with all your questions and concerns. We can go over your current insurance coverage and see if there is any other coverage that may be ideal for your trucking business. Keep your truckers safe out there on the roads!