How Does Workers Compensation Work When an Employee Quits After an Injury?

In most cases, employers are aware of the workers compensation basics. After all, you should be well-versed on the coverage that you are purchasing, right? While you may have the basics down, that does not always mean you are an expert when it comes to Massachusetts workers compensation and how to handle cases that occur on company property. Fortunately for you, WE are the experts at Wolpert Insurance. This is why we are here to answer anything and everything that you may be wondering about.
This week, we would like to take a look at a scenario and answer a frequently asked question that may stem from this scenario…

Scenario: One of your employees is injured on the job. They have been on the fence about the job for quite some time and this accident is the icing on the cake. They quit on the spot. So, now what?

Question: Do I need to file an Employer’s First Report or Injury of Fatality – Form 101?

Answer: In short, yes! If the employee injury WOULD have resulted in five or more full or partial calendar days of disability, you must file and report the accident—regardless of employment status.

You may be wondering how to determine the first and fifth lost days—and we have an answer. The first missed day would be the first day that the worker does not earn full wages due to injury. The fifth lost day is the fifth calendar day of disability.

For many business owners, this may seem like a trick question. It may not seem necessary to file a report if the employee quits soon after, but these are the facts and it is important to follow protocol.

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