How Does Workers Compensation Work When Paying an Injured Worker?

We’re back again with another Massachusetts workers compensation FAQ! As your reliable insurance provider, we believe it to be important that you are 100% educated and aware of this essential policy and the way it works.

Many employers may wonder: Do I have to pay an injured worker for the entire day if they have to leave work due to an accident? Good question!

So, how does workers compensation work in this case? Allow us to explain…

In short, the answer is no. Under Massachusetts state law, the only requirement is that you must pay workers for the hours that he or she has actually worked that day, up until the injury.

Now, here is the catch. If you do decide to pay the worker for only the hours worked, then the day that the worker was injured would be considered the FIRST calendar day of disability. If you decide to pay the worker for the remainder of the day, the NEXT day would be considered the first day. This is important to know!

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