Reducing the Cost of Workers Compensation, Pre-Loss

It’s a brand new week and a great time for a brand new workers compensation blog post! This week, we are going to be discussing how to reduce the cost of workers compensation, pre-loss.

The best tactic to saving money on your workers compensation is to PREVENT injuries before they actually happen. Many may think “accidents will happen, no matter what!” but this is not always the case. In fact, most accidents are EXTREMELY PREVENTABLE. It all comes down to a few important things…

#1: Education
#2: Joint Labor-Management Safety Committees

First and foremost, it is important that you embrace education on safety and training. According to, “the best way to reduce injury and illness in the workplace is to establish a comprehensive safety and health education and training program. These programs are designed to train both employers AND employees when it comes to recognizing, avoiding and preventing hazardous working conditions. They have proven successful in reducing injury and illness, as well as increasing productivity in the office. To learn more, you may want to contact the Department of Industrial Accidents (DIA) Office of Safety.

Another great way to reduce the chance of an accident and/or illness in the office is a joint labor-management safety committee on the job. The job of this committee is to provide a systematic forum in order to identify and correct concerns. With the cooperation of your workers, you may notice an increase in safety and prevention – hooray for team effort!

We hope that you have enjoyed this informative post and look forward to helping you again next week. We will be discussing how to reduce the cost of Massachusetts workers compensation, post loss – please be sure to come back!

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