The 411 on Employers Civil Liability

For the most part, Massachusetts business owners who are equipped with workers compensation will not be held liable for accidents on company property. As long as the employer provides sufficient workers comp, the employee is generally not allowed to sue the employer. However, there are always some exceptions. Are you aware of them?

An injured employee may have the right to receive workers comp AND sue the employer for civil damages if:

• The employer is found guilty of violating federal and state anti-discriminatory statute

• The employer engages in fraudulent activity

• The employer violates sexual harassment laws

• The employer deliberately injures the worker

• The employer threatens to terminate the employee for filing a valid workers comp claim

To avoid being held liable, it is crucial to purchase workers compensation coverage from the start. At Wolpert Insurance, we are dedicated to providing you with this coverage and would be happy to discuss the policy with you. Be sure to fill out the free quote form on our website or you can call us at (888) 596-5344!