Massachusetts Workers Compensation: Stop Fraud with These Tips!

Over the past few weeks, we have discussed workers compensation fraud, from what it is to how it can negatively affect your Massachusetts workers compensation premium. This week, we have a few tips to share that may help you stop fraud once and for all!
• Report injuries immediately. This will make sure there is a speedy recovery process. If this process is followed quickly, the possibility of a fraud claim is much less likely.

• Train managers and supervisors on how to take care of injuries and workers compensation claims. Micro-managers may know and understand the employee much better than you do. This way, they can analyze the situation and may be able to tell if it is a case of fraud.

• Make sure all employees are educated on workers compensation and what is considered fraud. Your employee may not even realize that they are committing a crime.

• Investigate the accident immediately. Make sure you speak with all witnesses (if there are no witnesses, this may be a sign of fraud). The more you learn about the accident, the easier it will be to have it avoided next time.

• If you suspect an employee is lying about an injury, gather the facts and discuss it with your insurance agent.

• It may be a good idea to start running background checks on incoming employees. If the individual has a workers compensation injury record, make sure you look into it!

At Wolpert Insurance, we want to make sure you are not overpaying for Massachusetts workers compensation. There is no way around this crucial policy, making it all the more important to keep your premium at a low and affordable cost. For any questions or concerns about your premium, do not hesitate to contact our agency!