Tis’ the Season for Host Liquor Liability & Massachusetts Insurance

The holidays are upon us – and with the impending snowfall, eggnog and gingerbread comes festive, seasonal gatherings of all shapes and sizes. Are you preparing for your annual holiday celebration? With so many details to take care of such as the food, decorations, and holiday games, you need to stay organized. Yet, one thing many hosts often fail to make a priority is their liability.

As the host, you are responsible for everyone who attends the party. What if a neighbor spends a little too much time at the bar and becomes rowdy? With holiday events typically lasting well into the night, a dark, icy driveway or sidewalk can be a hazard, especially if the guest is intoxicated. If this person slips and falls on your property, who is responsible?
To prevent accidents such as this scenario, a local community is taking action to protect their neighborhoods this holiday season. According to the South End Patch, the Old Dover Neighborhood is heightening security while bringing holiday cheer to South End streets. This is part of the “Light the Winter Night” initiative, in which residents are being advised to use strings of holiday lights to brighten streets and pedestrian walkways.

By discouraging loitering and unwanted activity, this creative approach will provide safety and a pleasant backdrop for holiday shopping and dining. In past months, Old Dover has been working with local police to increase security in the areas around Peters Park and along Harrison Avenue. Officers have frequently mentioned lighting as a proactive way to combat crime. “The police have told us lighting is our first line of defense,” business owner Frank Campanale said. “[Light the Winter Night] is about brightening up the night. Not just decorating.”

At Wolpert Insurance Agency, we encourage all residents to be proactive and remember the safety of everyone this holiday season. Although the holidays are a time for celebration, it is crucial to take responsibility for an accident if alcohol is involved in any way. Because you are serving liquor at the party, this makes you liable if an incident should occur. Therefore, having comprehensive Massachusetts insurance in place can help to protect your home, liability, and the party!

Whether your property is damaged due to a large, out-of-hand celebration or someone is injured as a result of a few too many spiked ciders, you need security you can count on. Purchasing a home is a huge decision – as is hosting a gathering in which you are responsible for those around you. At Wolpert Insurance, we can help safeguard what means most to you. At Wolpert Insurance we can help design the tailored, personal Massachusetts insurance coverage needed to protect your liability. From all of us at Wolpert Insurance, Happy Holidays!