Attention Massachusetts Homeowners: Oil Heating System Upgrade & Insurance Law

With winter on its way, the change in seasons provides the perfect opportunity for Massachusetts homeowners to evaluate their current home heating system. With oil heat a popular New England staple, new upgrades have been issued to help ensure that your home heating system is clean, efficient and most importantly – safe.

Massachusetts recently released a law to address oil leaks from home heating systems; the law contains 2 major provisions that require:

The installation of either an oil safety valve or an oil supply line with protective sleeve on systems that do not currently have these devices.
Massachusetts insurance companies that write homeowner policies to offer coverage for leaks from heating systems that use oil.
It’s important to point out that most Massachusetts homeowners insurance policies do not currently include such coverage, leaving many residents to pay for costly cleanups out of their own pocket. Although it is mandatory for insurance companies to make this heightened coverage available to homeowners whom have updated their oil heating systems; the insurance itself is an optional purchase.

Why should I comply?

Not only is complying required, but overall it is a wise financial decision—not to mention environmentally sound. Without the specialized coverage opportunity can you afford to pay for damages to your property caused by oil leaks? Homeowners who proactively take advantage of the upgrade and insurance law can avoid the disruption and financial stress that may result from oil leaks.

What are the risks associated with leaks?

Oil leaks can result in a multitude of “side effects” and damages. Leaks may result in exposure to petroleum vapors in your home or worse – if the leak was to reach the soil or groundwater beneath your house, then a massive, costly cleanup must be performed to restore your property to Massachusetts State environmental standards. Let’s not forget the affect or impact it can have on your drinking water supply.

Here at Wolpert Insurance we want to help ensure the health and safety of you, your home and your loved ones. Each year, several hundred Massachusetts families experience some kind of leak – make sure you and your property are protected. Speak with a Wolpert Insurance agent to discover how we can help you today!

For more information on this, download the Fact Sheet: New oil upgrade and insurance law.pdf