Massachusetts Workers Compensation Claims & Common Injuries

Accidents happen, there’s no denying it. But when an accident in the workplace results in injury, it’s never good news. Many employers are required to have Massachusetts workers compensation insurance in place, or face tax penalties. However it’s obviously in your best interest, as a business owner, to proactively minimize the possibility of claims. If you think injuries and accidents are not likely to happen in your workplace, have a look at the following list of common claims. You may be surprised…

Back, neck and arm strain – often from manual exertion such as pushing, pulling and heavy lifting.
Repetitive Strain Injury/Carpel Tunnel Syndrome – from using arms and hands repetitively. Computer users and factory workers are particularly susceptible.
Injury from trips and slips – slippery or wet floors are a major culprit.
Falls – from stairs, ladders, roofs and boxes.
Being hit by a falling object –can even include such seemingly minor incidents as being hit by a book falling from shelves.
Vision problems –extensive computer use may sometimes lead to vision problems and headaches.
Burns – electricians, building contractors, chefs and wait staff are the main recipients of burn injuries.
Other types of injury may come about from a range of circumstances including – but not limited to – exposure to chemicals, having a hand or limb caught in machinery or even workplace bullying or violence. So if you think work injuries are the sole domain of ‘dangerous’ jobs, think again. Securing comprehensive workers compensation in Massachusetts is a vital part of any all-inclusive commercial coverage strategy, but so is taking wise precautions and playing it safe in the office or on the jobsite.

Not sure what coverages are included in your workers compensation? Massachusetts business owners can rest assured that standard workers comp packages include coverage for: medical expenses, lost income or wages, rehabilitation costs, death benefits and more. When you work with a skilled coverage expert, like those found at Wolpert Insurance Providers, your commercial venture will undergo a complete review, allowing our insurance specialists to pinpoint your unique risk exposures and combat them with effective coverage solutions. Protect your team and your business with reliable Massachusetts workers compensation insurance today.