Massachusetts Tornado Relief Fundraiser

Wolpert Insurance Agency will be holding a benefit chicken BBQ to help raise money for the June 2011 Massachusetts tornado victims. Gina Lynch, a self-motivated volunteer has graciously devoted her time and efforts to aide those who have been affected by the tragic tornado earlier this month. Our goal is to raise enough funds to help support her cause as well as the other volunteers involved, including Brimfield’s local church, rescue crews and individuals. Clean-up and rebuilding continues with the support of surrounding towns and neighbors. EVENT DETAILS: Saturday, August 6, 2011 1pm-6pm Wales Irish Pub, 19 Holland Road, Wales, … Continue reading Massachusetts Tornado Relief Fundraiser

When Lightning Strikes, Don’t Be a Victim!

Now that summer has officially begun, so has the heaviest lightning season. In an average year, there are approximately 57 fatalities caused by lightning strikes occurring from June to August. Since the beginning of June, there have already been 4 deaths caused by the severe weather-three of them occurring during agricultural work and one related to tornado search-and-rescue. Last year, there were 29 fatalities, which classifies as a “remarkably low year”. The top 5 states for lightning fatalities over the past 10 years are Florida (62), Colorado (26), Texas (24), Georgia (19) and North Carolina (18). Not every lightning strike … Continue reading When Lightning Strikes, Don’t Be a Victim!

Motorcycles are Vehicles Too!

Although motorcycles only have two wheels instead of four, they are vehicles with the same road rights and benefits as any motor vehicle on the road. A national campaign has been put into place to address motorists and motorcyclists to safely ‘share the road’ with one another. Since motorcycles are not always easy to see, they are reminded to make sure they are visible to other motorists. A law requires riders to complete (and pass) the proper training and courses in order to obtain their motorcycle license just like a motorist driving a car, bus, etc. Another law motorcyclists MUST … Continue reading Motorcycles are Vehicles Too!

Massachusetts’ “Tornado Watch” turns into a reality

Wednesday, June 1, 2011 marks the day of unspeakable devastation to Western Massachusetts and parts of the Central regions as well. Property damage and widespread power outages were the results of the tornado activity and severe winds. About two dozen communities were affected, leaving many residents homeless; four casualties have since been reported. A mounted video camera captured the dramatic path of the debris-filled funnel as it crossed the Connecticut River (video) Although tornadoes are not as common in the Northeast region as other North American regions, the odds of one occurring should never be overlooked. The following are some … Continue reading Massachusetts’ “Tornado Watch” turns into a reality