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Life insurance is a difficult topic for many people. Not only is it hard to think about planning for your or a loved one’s final expenses, but the options can seem overwhelming. Monthly premiums may also be holding you back from purchasing this much-needed insurance policy. If you’re looking for a personalized experience with an agent committed to meeting your specific needs, no matter your budget, look no further than Wolpert Insurance.

Unlike the big-name agencies, our agents have access to multiple insurance carriers, allowing us to customize a life insurance policy to your specifications. We simply have more options, and we can pass those options on to you.

Understanding the Policy Types

Because our life insurance needs change with age, family size, and economic situation, we don’t always need to commit to the most comprehensive coverage. No matter your budget, it is important to have at least enough coverage for your final expenses. That’s great news, because you have a choice when it comes to your policy. Life insurance is usually divided into the following three options:

Term Life

  • The most affordable type of policy that protects you for a certain term
  • Comes with lower premiums than whole life
  • Rates are subject to change once the term expires
  • Will not build equity or hold cash value

Whole Life

  • Coverage that protects you for life
  • Comes with higher premiums than term life
  • Is more valuable than term life because it builds equity and has a potential cash value

Combination Policy

  • Offers protections for your entire life
  • Comes with flexible coverage options

It’s also a good idea to consider disability coverage in case you experience an injury and have to be out of work for an extended period of time.

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