Tips to Celebrate Baby Safety Month

Baby Safety Month in September gives parents a chance to reflect on some of the hazards that might be present in the home for a young child. You should take this month to see if you need to address any problem areas. Use these tips to celebrate Baby Safety Month. Use Gates to Restrict Access There are many different lightweight plastic fences that you can put in various parts of your house to stop your baby from going into specific areas. You should be using these gates to restrict access to rooms like the kitchen. They should also be placed … Continue reading Tips to Celebrate Baby Safety Month

Closing Your Swimming Pool

You want to be careful when closing your swimming pool. If you forget something or make mistakes, then the pool could be damaged over the winter months. Closing your swimming pool involves taking a few detailed steps. Remove and Clean Everything The first step is to remove everything from the pool. You need to skim out dirt, take out ladders and remove any growing algae. You then want to scrub down what you can. Take care of any problems with rust or corrosion at this point to prevent the problem from getting worse as the pool sits. Be thorough at … Continue reading Closing Your Swimming Pool