Start Your Spring Cleaning with these Tips

The spring brings mild temperatures that finally allow you to open up the windows and let some fresh air inside the home. To prepare your house for circulation, you may want to clean some areas that might be covered in dust. Ceiling-mounted fixtures most likely have accumulated dust and debris during the winter season. Use a ladder to reach such installations and wipe them with a damp cloth. Flush mount lighting fixtures may have more than just dust. Insects often nest near light bulbs that provide comfortable settings for laying eggs. Remove all lamp shades and lighting fixtures and clean … Continue reading Start Your Spring Cleaning with these Tips

Spring Landscaping Tips

Planning a landscape design for your property can be a fun way to bring out your creative side. Before you transform your backyard into a tranquil sanctuary, select a central theme that will dictate all of the important features. Some popular themes for residential gardens include oriental, formal European, Mediterranean, rustic, tropical and desert. It doesn’t necessarily take a fortune to integrate such unique themes into your property. Formal English-style gardens emphasize symmetry, elegance and extravagance. Straight paved paths should cut abruptly through lush manicured grass. Shrubs and other short plants should define the perimeter of any walkways that are … Continue reading Spring Landscaping Tips