4 Hidden Costs To Moving

Moving can be an expensive endeavor. While many of the costs of moving are obvious, there are other costs that people forget when planning a move. Being aware of some of the hidden costs of moving can help a person to plan for a move and avoid any last minute problems. Storage Fees In many cases, people will find that they will have to store some of their items as the result of a move. While moving companies often include storage fees in a moving estimate, this amount is just for a short period of time. Long term storage fees … Continue reading 4 Hidden Costs To Moving

Safety Tips For Teen Drivers

Driving comes with a lot of different responsibilities. Teenagers need to respect the rules of the road and follow some safety tips to prevent unfortunate accidents. Young drivers may be tempted to use their mobile phones while driving. Many states prohibit the use of any handheld electronic devices while sitting behind the steering wheel. Teenagers should be strongly discouraged from answering phone calls or text messages while driving. The legal consequences of such inappropriate behavior should be made clear to inexperienced young drivers that might place themselves and other passengers at high risk. Instead, technology such as Bluetooth should be … Continue reading Safety Tips For Teen Drivers

4 Fun Ideas For Your Family Reunion

Whether reunions occur every few years or once per year, it’s important to come prepared with fun ideas and activities! With these 4 ideas, you and your extended family will have a blast. 1. Then and Now This game is a fun one for family members of all ages and can be put together with little preparation. Prior to the reunion, the organizer simply needs to ask each adult family member to submit two photos of him or herself – one as a baby or young child and one current. At the reunion, photos are organized in two columns “Then” … Continue reading 4 Fun Ideas For Your Family Reunion

Do You Need Umbrella Insurance?

A lot of people have heard of umbrella insurance, but not too many people are sure if they really need it. This type of insurance protects a person or business in the event that they are forced to defend themselves in a liability lawsuit. Of course, many people or businesses that have never been sued before simply assume that they don’t need umbrella insurance. Unfortunately, it only takes one incident to convince someone that they should have purchased a policy. The truth is that a lot of people and businesses do not realize how vulnerable they actually are to a … Continue reading Do You Need Umbrella Insurance?