Fraudulent workers comp claims

Owning a business has many different perks: making your own hours, watching your ideas in action, and many more. But there are also some things that may not be the most fun when you are the boss. Once such thing is when you suspect an employee may be lying about an injury at work. The best thing to do is follow all the protocol as you normally would, but with a watchful eye. Some red flags that may indicate fraud has been attempted are: Your employee reports his claim on a Monday stating that his injury occurred first thing Monday … Continue reading Fraudulent workers comp claims

Going paperless for Earth Day

You may have heard the term “going paperless” before but thought it was not for you or your business.  However,  considering Earth Day is upon us, now may be a good time to reconsider going paperless at the office. Here are some good reasons why: Going paperless can help reduce the costs associated with paper: printers, fax machines, ink & toner, copiers… none of them would be necessary anymore. Imagine how great life would be with no more copier jams! Without the need for paper in the office, there would be no need for filing cabinets which would reduce the … Continue reading Going paperless for Earth Day

Life hacks for the office

You may have heard the term life hacking and only thought it referred to finding simple solutions to household problems, but you can life hack your way through your workplace as well!  Try to incorporate these easy life hacks within your office environment to see if they can be helpful to your employees. Use bread tabs to label all those wires everyone has floating behind their desks.  It can help identify what goes with what when you need to know. Binder clips work wonderfully to raise keyboards when the little feet have broken off. If you need to put your … Continue reading Life hacks for the office

Does your business have enough insurance?

So you have started up your business and you bought your insurance policy to cover everything that could possibly go wrong at the office.  Great!  But there is one additional question you may want to ask yourself: Did I buy ENOUGH insurance? While it may seem like a sales pitch to get you to spend more in premium, it is really a legitimate question that everyone should ask themselves regardless of the type of insurance they may be referencing.  Homeowners sometimes buy the absolute minimum insurance that their mortgage loan agency requires.  A lot of auto owners only buy the … Continue reading Does your business have enough insurance?

Spring maintenance for your fleet

Now that spring is upon us, you will probably want to give your business fleet some maintenance.  With all the travel your employees did over the winter, your fleet could probably use a good cleaning as well.  Not only will a car wash make your trucks, trailers, and other vehicles look great, it will also help get all that corrosive road salt out from the undercarriages. Check the mileage on all vehicles to see what type of maintenance is scheduled.  Some vehicles may be ready for an oil change even if the suggested time frame has not lapsed.  At the … Continue reading Spring maintenance for your fleet