Prevent carbon monoxide poisoning with carbon monoxide detectors

As we all learned recently from an unfortunate news-worthy incident regarding carbon monoxide poisoning and a famous restaurant chain, the possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning is something that should always be considered in the workplace as much as it is in our homes.  Installing carbon monoxide detectors in your place of business, whether it’s an office building, restaurant, warehouse, or any enclosed space, is a very worthwhile investment. Carbon monoxide is a flavorless, odorless and colorless gas that can be absorbed into the bloodstream when inhaled.  In some cases, it can be completely undetected until a person starts having symptoms.  … Continue reading Prevent carbon monoxide poisoning with carbon monoxide detectors

Renting office space

When you rent office or warehouse space for your business, you will most likely be required to leave a security deposit of some sort with your landlord. That security deposit could be a hefty amount of money that you will undoubtedly want back once your lease is up, and you move on to a different space. But getting that money back could be tricky if you do not read your lease agreement fully. Before you start moving your equipment and supplies into your new space, take some time to thoroughly review your lease agreement. There may be some requirements in … Continue reading Renting office space

Boiler and Machinery Insurance

If you have been contemplating boiler and machinery insurance for your business, here is some information for you to better explain the coverage and what it will protect for your business. Boiler and machinery insurance is not just for industrial business.  Small businesses can also use the benefits of boiler and machinery insurance.  Say you have a small business where you use an electric screen printer to place designs on T-shirts.  If that screen printer breaks, how much would it cost you to have it fixed or replaced?  Boiler and machinery coverage will help get your printer back in action … Continue reading Boiler and Machinery Insurance

Massachusetts Folklore and Legends

Massachusetts is riddled with legend and folklore. There are tales of black magic, strange creatures and of course witches that brought sorcery to towns like Salem back in the early years. There is one legend that people have called the Telltale Seaweed. Apparently, two women were stranded one night on a road near Salem after their car broke down. When they went looking for some help, they came across something a bit more…spooky. The two women came across a house. They knocked on the door to see if they could have some assistance. When no one answered, they walked in. … Continue reading Massachusetts Folklore and Legends