Does my business policy cover my personal property?

When you are in the office every day, you might want to make it a little more “homey” with some items that help you feel more comfortable. Having your own coffee mug or potted plants might be all you need to make your workspace more enjoyable. As a boss, allowing your employees to have some personal items at work can really improve productivity and morale. But if your employees’ personal property breaks or causes problems at work, you might have more on your plate than you could imagine. There are some things that you may want to limit for your … Continue reading Does my business policy cover my personal property?

Why loss control is important

Having really great insurance coverage is fantastic for your business. It can protect the finances if anything were to go wrong during the course of the day. It can protect your employees from dangers at the workplace. It can even protect you if something were to go wrong with products you sell after they leave your premises. But even with the best business insurance policy available, everyone would be better off if no claims ever occurred in the first place. That is why risk management and loss control are important. No one likes to file a claim because an employee … Continue reading Why loss control is important

Some business insurance terminology

When reviewing your business’s insurance plan, you may come across some terms that are not all that common to you. With everything listed on those few pages of your policy, it is completely understandable that not every word will make total sense upon your first glance. Here are some of the terms that you might see on your insurance policy and their meanings according to the Dearborn Property and Casualty Insurance License Exam Manual. This manual is used by many insurance agents to study for the exam required to obtain an insurance producer’s license: • Blanket insurance- a property or … Continue reading Some business insurance terminology

Keep employees safe this winter

It is always important to keep your employees’ well being in your best interest so that not only will your business keep running smoothly, but so that no one gets unnecessarily sick or hurt on the job. When the temps drop below freezing, you may have some employees out on sick leave due to cold induced illnesses. To prevent this from happening in the future, take some time to better prepare your outside employees for the cold. First, you must realize that working in cold temperatures can be dangerous. If you have the ability to rearrange the workload and have … Continue reading Keep employees safe this winter