Some insurance options for your trucking business

We all know that in order to own and operate a commercial trucking company you will need insurance. Unfortunately, there are things that can go wrong even with the safest truck drivers and the best equipment out there. But exactly what kind of insurance is required and what is optimal for truckers these days? Here is a breakdown of some of the insurance options available for your trucking business: • General Liability- this protects the business for any third party damage or bodily injury that doesn’t have to do with the truck itself. If someone were to slip and fall … Continue reading Some insurance options for your trucking business

Non-payment cancellations

We all know that while paying bills is not anyone’s favorite thing to do, we have to do it nonetheless especially when it comes to your business. And your insurance premium is one of the most important bills of all. If you miss a payment for your business insurance, your business may be missing more than you think. If you do not pay your insurance premium on time according to your policy agreement, you will risk being canceled for non-payment. That means that you will not have coverage for all those unexpected issues that could possibly arise. Not only that, … Continue reading Non-payment cancellations

Mitigating frozen and burst pipes this winter

Running your business takes up your time enough without worrying about your business’s building structural problems. But nonetheless it is important to keep up with proper maintenance on your building to avoid unnecessary problems down the road. In the winter time it is particularly important to pay attention to the dipping temperatures and how they will affect your building. Water pipes are vulnerable to the freezing temperatures we have been experiencing lately and could freeze causing serious issues for your structure. When pipes freeze, the water inside can freeze causing a blockage. That blockage could cause a lot of pressure … Continue reading Mitigating frozen and burst pipes this winter

Does my worker’s comp policy cover employees in other states?

When you run a business you know that having a workers compensation insurance policy is imperative. Accidents happen when you least expect it and can run into a lot of money for your business if you are not covered. Every state has its own worker’s comp laws. Some states mandate you have coverage while others do not require it. Massachusetts is one of the states that require your business to carry workers comp coverage regardless of company size or hours worked. But what happens if your employees travel out of state for work and they get injured? Will your policy … Continue reading Does my worker’s comp policy cover employees in other states?