Say Hello to New Employees at Wolpert Insurance!

We are excited to announce the addition of Joelle Palaima, Account Executive, who will be primarily responsible for the continued development of our very successful Auto Body and Repair niche business as well as Personal Lines. Joelle can be reached at 508-459-4712 or by email We also welcome our new Senior Sales Representative, Mike Swistak. Mike has more than twenty years of experience in the insurance industry and looks to develop a very successful practice with us now. He will primarily responsible for developing Commercial P&C business generated in RI area. Mike can be reached at 508-459-4716 or by … Continue reading Say Hello to New Employees at Wolpert Insurance!

6 Eye Safety Tips You Need to Read NOW!

The month of March continues! Before it is over, you may want to take a moment to recognize Workplace Eye Wellness Month. According to Prevent Blindness America, “thousands of eye accidents happen each day and 90 percent of these are preventable with the use of appropriate safety eyewear.” As a business owner, it is important to be aware of this increasing issue and of course, prevent possible accidents as best as possible. How? Our agents at Wolpert Insurance can help! We have put together a list of six ways that you can reduce the number of eye injuries in the … Continue reading 6 Eye Safety Tips You Need to Read NOW!

Are You Responsible for What Your Kids Write over the Internet and Are You Covered?

Some kids put some awful stupid statements in writing.. Libel, the things one writes, are easier to prove than the foolish things that one says (slander). Parents may not think about these things until they get sued and then it may be too late! In San Antonio, Texas, an assistant high school principal filed suit against two former students AND their parents for alleged defamatory statements made on the internet. She is suing for “defamation, negligence and gross negligence” for the “lewd, defamatory and obscene comments, pictures and graphics.” She is also suffering because multitudes of individuals have and continue … Continue reading Are You Responsible for What Your Kids Write over the Internet and Are You Covered?

Workers Comp Form 101s

Part of owning a business is understanding everything there is to know about Massachusetts workers compensation. Since you’re the owner, almost everything falls upon you when a situation arises that may lead to a workers comp claim being filed. Whether you are the one in charge of filing claims or it’s a supervisor or manager, there should be multiple people in your company who know that filing an “employer’s first report” form is the first thing to do following an employee injury. Technically called “Form 101: employer’s first report or injury fatality,” this document ensures that an injury that occurred … Continue reading Workers Comp Form 101s

Five costly return-to-work mistakes for employers

Even if an employer and employee goes through the Massachusetts worker’s compensation according to all the guidelines, issues can still arise when the employee returns to work and both parties think most of the situation is behind them. With the economy the way it is coupled with newly enacted ADA Amendment Act (ADAAA) and the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), the economic and legal landscape has changed for employers. Having a strong return-to-work focus can help employer’s when it comes to employee’s returning from injury. Here are the five of the most common return-to-work mistakes: 1. Failure to recognize … Continue reading Five costly return-to-work mistakes for employers