Winter Safety for Construction Sites

The winter can pose many different types of hazards, and this is especially true for construction sites. If you’re operating a construction site, are your employees aware of the dangers that exist when it gets colder and icier outside? Employers must take extra precaution to protect workers from cold weather related injuries, according to OSHA. If you want to educate your workers on staying safe in the winter and avoiding any Massachusetts workers compensation claims, here are some precautions to pass on: • Remove or improve any environment and workplace conditions that may be dangerous. • Learn symptoms and signs … Continue reading Winter Safety for Construction Sites

What Are Worker’s Compensation Class Codes?

Wolpert Insurance & Risk Management understands how difficult and confusing Massachusetts workers compensation can be. However, for small business owners looking for answers to their questions they’ve come to the right place. Specifically, some business owners like you may be wondering what workers compensation “class codes” are all about and what purpose they serve. If you’d like to learn more, here’s some information for you. What is a worker’s compensation classification code? The way a class code works is this: Numbers are assigned to certain types of jobs. For instance, construction tool manufacturing has a class code of 3126 and … Continue reading What Are Worker’s Compensation Class Codes?

How to Keep Your Massachusetts Worker’s Compensation Claims Down

Following a workplace accident, employers can perform certain actions that may have an effect on the cost of the workers compensation claim they subsequently file. If you’re an employer and you’re trying to be cautious when it comes to employee injuries and filing claims, you may want to head our advice. Throughout the Massachusetts workers compensation process, a lot of things can happen so it’s important to understand the procedure to limit any errors. 1. Medical attention: When an employee is injured or suffers an illness, the first and most important thing to do is provide immediate medical attention. An … Continue reading How to Keep Your Massachusetts Worker’s Compensation Claims Down

Effective Safety Measures for Using Stairways and Ladders

When you work in construction, contracting, or any type of business that involves using ladders and stairways, there are always risks involved. Business managers and employees must know about the injuries that can occur if ladders and stairways are not being used in a safe and smart manner. Your workers compensation insurance in Massachusetts may be affected if an employee is ever injured this way. Stairways and ladders cause many injuries among construction workers, and about half of the injuries caused by slips, trips and falls from ladders and stairways require time off from the job. Often on construction sites, … Continue reading Effective Safety Measures for Using Stairways and Ladders

Are Independent Contractors Covered Under Workers Compensation?

A question that often comes up in regards to worker’s compensation issues is whether or not independent contractors are covered under this type of policy. Because independent contractors are not permanent employees, it can be difficult for employers to determine whether or not they are responsible for injuries to independent contractors performing a job for them. While this issue can vary from state to state, independent contractors are normally not covered because they are not permanent employees. However, in 2004 The Commonwealth of Massachusetts passed a new law saying that employers are indeed responsible for securing Massachusetts workers comp for … Continue reading Are Independent Contractors Covered Under Workers Compensation?